CTC Conference

How children and teens interact with the market and society


The 2022 edition of the Child and Teen Consumption Conference will be held in Madrid (Spain) in hybrid format and will be hosted by the Complutense University of Madrid. Since 2004, previous conferences have been held every two years in countries such as France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, or Scotland. In 2020 the conference had to be cancelled because of the pandemic and would have been held in the United States.

The Child and Teen Consumption Conferences address a wide range of topics linking childhood and adolescence with consumer environments in different social and institutional contexts. This forum aims to be a meeting place for scholars and practitioners to examine different issues affecting children for better or for worse, such as media, technology, privacy, climate change, social exclusion, and SDGs, from diverse disciplinary perspectives including  psychology, sociology, communication, anthropology, history, education sciences, and law. Since the beginning, the Child and Teen Consumption Conferences promote original research on how children interact with the market and society, and how they construct their identity and relationships with peers, family members,  brands and organisations. More information on the CTC community can be found here: https://mshs.univ-poitiers.fr/childandteenconsumption/